Week #1

My first actual week at NMIT has been and gone and I am really enjoying all the subjects.

In SDV503, Craig showed us the basics of Visual Studio and we made a little application called “DICE” which will roll a dice until it lands a 6 and tells how many times it took to complete (its more interesting in person). i cant wait to see all the new things we find!

CSA502 is all about how computers work and there hardware. We looked at power supplies and i learned that there is a grading system to show how good the power supply is(80+ bronze, silver, gold).

COM502 is a new type of subject to me and in the beginning, thought ” how does this have anything to do with IT” but after a few classes i found that its one of the key things in this line of work.

DES501 we talked about decaf coffee.


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