Today we meet with some students who have come from Saudi Arabia to studying Air Traffic Control at NMIT. As a class we discussed what questions we should ask them.

(Sadly forgot there names)

What made you choose to study in New Zealand?

they were given the opportunity to study in either Canada, USA or New Zealand and they chose New Zealand as they liked the culture and life style of New Zealand.

What part of Saudi Arabia are you from?

They did tell us what part of Saudi Arabia they both were from but i couldn’t hear what they said.

Why did you choose Air Traffic control?

He wanted to be a Pilot

What are your hobbies/Interests out of studying ?

they both liked to play soccer,video games and go mountain biking around the nelson tracks

What Religion do you believe in?

They both said Sunni

How big is your family?

one had a smaller family of just 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister while the other had 5 brothers and 2 sisters i think.

Even with the culture gap and other differences,we ended up getting side tracked by just chatting about random stuff and they both were really nice and friendly. I was surprised they have been  only speaking English for 8 ish months as they spoke it really well!


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