Activity 1.5

(This post is going to be a long one)

Information Technology is becoming more and more part of our lives, 10-20 years ago, Having a mobile phone was unique and was basically a brick with buttons.

old phonenew phone

But in this short time, our technology has gone at a rapid pace, present day, everyone is looking at their smart devices, doing multiply things at once.Our phones can now pay for items, check our heart rate, we can even talk to them! This is just with our everyday device.Now i wonder how Information Technology has effected businesses and their everyday life style.

First i decided to find out how has the strategy that companies used changed, and why.

IT affect Business structure.PNG

I found Forbes and Chron articles, very interesting however, Chron’s provided the best answers . They talked about how technology is helping smaller companies change their structure of work, to make working more simple and faster through applications, software and with having less physical paper work, makes finding and updating work easier.Technology has also changed how companies  businesses structure of  approaching  customers, by making it easier to be in contact with customers and grow popularity.


Next, i looked for “how technology is changing organisational culture and again Forbes and Chron provide very good articles.Now because of technology, companies are more organised, through easily communicating with others instantly not just with co-workers but people all around the world.Technology has gotten rid of tedious tasks and improved efficiency in the environment. for example, technology has lowered paperwork,sorting files, mailing and waiting for mail and now there is Cloud servers, which greatly increase work flow and business processing. Not only has technology improved the work environment, but also improved the communication with customers through social media,email,calling and texting, but how? well this has made customer and company interaction faster and easier, you don’t need to wait weeks for a reply,help or to book an appointment.  This also covers how technology is affecting the structure of work,work process and how the work place has changed.

However, all this technology isn’t free and can hurt a business financially, but if done right can help a businesses grow, increase popularity and find a wider target audience.


I found this activity very informative and helpful to understand how everything is changing and moving forword and from this activity,what has really caught my eye was the quote from Shama Hyder from Forbes in the “Organizational Culture In The Digital Age” Article.

people are now the media. The platforms will come and go, but how organizations leverage people as the media in a smart way – that is here to stay”



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