Week #3

This week, our SDV503 class sorted out study groups and learnt a lot this week

COM502 – we got to talk to students from Saudi Arabia who are studying air traffic control on Tuesday. we asked them some questions about culture differences between New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.Then on Friday, we learned more about how culture affects communication and even learnt some Turkish!

CSA502 –  Monday, we got put into groups and given a subject about RAM and had to make a presentation about it. Our group’s subject was “What is the difference between RAM and SSD, speed wise”. RAM is way faster than SSD(100GB/s vs 500MB/s). For our practical on wednesday we had to get into the roles of being a “company who fixes computers” and we ran diagnostics on the computer.(Link )

DES501 – Monday’s lecture, we had a quiz and then we had someone come in to talk to us about design and what he does. he mainly worked with Flash. Thursdays class we started Assessment 2 and put into groups. (Link)

SDV503 – Craig talked to us about IF statements and how they work, Then on Thursday, Craig had to leave early so we didn’t do much just looked through our newest software.



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