Week#4 Tuesday

Gender Gap

i only had one class today, it was COM502. we talked about Gender difference/ issues in the IT industry. we talked about the differences in thinking styles, opinions, work ethic, diversity. in groups we made up debateable questions about gender differences and how can these questions solve the gender balance.

why is there is a wage gap?

Culture doesn’t change over night. but it is changing

Why is the IT gender gap so much bigger compared to the 80’s where it was originally mainly women.

What is stopping women from going into IT?

Are there more women in a certain IT business compare to other businesses? Why?

Is it even still a problem?

Nonverbal communication

we started to talk about non-verbal communications and what there are.

Body Language – hands, back arch, posture,kinesics(movement/gestures), orientation(position in relation to others)

Facial Expression – smiles,frowning, eye contact/Occulesics

Sounds/paralanguage – whistle, clicking, clapping, slience,tone,pitch,volume,speed/pace

Environments/elements –

Haptics – use of touch






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