Assessment 2 Reflections #1

Today, we meet with one of our main clients and discussed what functions they need to have on the website, what there target demographic will be, who our stakeholders will be.

after our interview with our clients, our team was off to make a mock up of the home page.


we wanted to go for a more simple approach to the layout of the website, because too many words and not enough white space = bad/old website. Right in the center will be where the newest/popular games are displayed so, soon as a customer enters the website, they are greeted with whats hot! this will slideshow through the games. then to the left, there is top three games being brought that are on sale. there is a “more” button at the bottom. this is also mirrored on the other side, however the current top 3 community voted/reviewed games.

I personally think community and sharing is a key way to successes. that’s why Facebook is so widely known? Community,that is why we are having a “Community screenshots and videos” area on the front page. why? when you see other people having fun, and sharing things they can do in the game, customers also want that experience and are more likely to buy the software. this creates free advertisements and in turn, creates more sales. This area will also have a “Like” system, which will give users, a reason to post and share their journey with the games they are playing.

next to the “Community feed” there is a list of games, that you can sort by popularity, new and upcoming. however, this can easily be moved to beside the search bar as “category” if the client wants to push the community aspect of the website more.Finally, up top on either side, there will be buttons to navigate the website. For example:


  • Page 1 = games, and will take you to where all games are stored.
  • Page 2 = Sales, game sales are a big reason customers go into ANY store, physical or online.
  • Page 3 = Developer, where developers can read the terms and conditions, and submit for there software to be on the website.
  • Page 4 = community, this will be a more focused  community page, where you can submit, users screenshots and clips and view feedback.
  • Page 5 = Support, this is self explanatory.
  • Page 6 = Login/signup, where users can login or sign up to the clients website, once signed in, page6 will be renamed to the user’s username and once clicked, will have a drop down menu, will “Profile,Messages,Settings,Log off”

So what will the website/services be called?





William did the amazing job, of mocking up a logo, to represent this new game store to take over the online world. I feel like the Orange logo would be the best, as it stands out and would contrast with a blue under shadow and text with a semi-dark background. this highlights the brand logo so when a customer first looks at the website, they SEE! where they are. then the blue and dark background, is more inviting and relaxing, wanting the customer to stay and doesn’t hurt or distract the eyes. However, we can easily change, and find other contrasts if the client doesn’t feel the colour or logo.


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