Here’s something different!

This part of my blog will have nothing to do with NMIT studies. This is where i will post, designs, IT related events in my life or just interesting things that happen, so enjoy!


So yesterday, i had a client who wanted me to design two rings for them, so today i’m going to walk through the steps of what I do and explain what everything means. My boss got all of the information of what the client wanted the design to look like and sorted out prices,etc as i was away.TIME to draw a mock up!

Mock up

So i have broken it up into two parts. 1, which is information and 2, which shows what the ring will look like.

Area 1

  • If we start at the top with “Size: P” this means what ring size the client want it to be. A P size ring equals to around 18mm in diameter.
  • Next is “Gems” this is just to remind me, how many gemstones the client wants and how big they are. that little weird symbol next to the size means, this number is based on diameters. for example, the second line reads ” 2.5 millimeters in diameter and there is 6 of these gemstones”.
  • Bottom” this means how high and wide will the band be at the bottom of the ring
  • Top” this is the same as bottom, but it also has an extra value in it? O.H.? this means overall height. if we look at the side view, the band is low, while the center piece is higher? so O.H means, what is the highest point of the ring

Area 2

  • Area 2 is more self explained, it shows what the ring will look it on from the top, side and how the band will be.

Now to skip forward to the end product!

(for anyone wondering, the software i am using is mix of Rhino5 and Rhino gold)

End result

After a couple hours, it is done. The only difficult part of this design, was fitting the gems into the right place to make it look the best, as they wasn’t enough gems and they where all a bit big. Also, another thing must take into account is, price, I must make sure it’s not to heavy or to big. Lets hope the client likes it!


UPDATE: 7 April 2017

The customer loved it! and the ring arrived today, so now just to polish it up and set the stones in


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