Activity 2.2

For this activity I have to think of what types of information management stakeholders there are in an IT company.

I have chosen to do Slingshot(internet provider) to base this activity around. but firstly,

What is a Stakeholder?

A stakeholder is someone or business that has interest in what you are trying to accomplish and normally have some sort of interest or money involvement within the project.

For example:

  • Client – the person paying you to do the project
  • Sponsor’s – companies help the project, in return get ad placement of some sorts
  • Investors –  placing money into your project for a percentage of the return income
  • Customers – wanting end product
  • Employees – The people who do the job in return for wages

Stakeholder’s, depending on who they are and how much their interest in the project is. they can have a input to create, change and/or remove information.

So what would information management stakeholders for Slingshot be?

Because this is a internet provider, the first one that comes to mind is, the team behind keeping all the information of all the customers, reviews, etc safe and stored somewhere very safe, as if that goes, most of the company would go too.Next one that comes to mind would be, the team making sure the information is accessible to the customers and also making sure the quality is kept high. There is also the managers and CEO’s of slingshot who make all the decisions for the company.Basically every employee at slingshot would be a stakeholder, in one way or another


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