Assessment 4 blogpost 2.1

Team Bonding Part 1

Today, Erica, William, Bailey and I did team bonding exercises where one of us had a non-verbal communicator taken away from us.

Activity 1 – Blindfold

one of us was blindfolded and the other had to guide them downstairs and out onto the grass outside.

before we started we talked about who will be who and our plans of guiding them downstairs. William took up the challenge of being blindfolded and i was the guide. Our plan was to use Haptic and Verbal communication to guide him to the lower floor, we also used a bit of problem solving to find holes in the activity, which we did. the activity didn’t state that we couldn’t use the elevator. I think we succeeded in this task, because i am currently in a group with William for DES501 so there was already trust between us and we mainly used Haptic communication, as whats the first thing someone does when you are blindfolded? instantly put your hands outward to feel your environment and you feel safer when you have something to touch, be it a wall or someone else.I feel like we didn’t have any failure with this activity.

Activity 2 – Rope

we got back into our group of four, three of us had to make a design with a rope then the other person who was blindfolded, had to remake it.

Erica volunteered to be blindfolded. William, Bailey and I discussed what the easiest design would be and recorded the steps to replicate it. We decided as a team that making a circle, then at each end, bring them to the middle to create an “H” shape. Through verbally communicating with Erica, we explain to her what it looks like, so she can have a mental image and understanding of what to do. I think we completed this task very successfully as a team by having simple steps to complete the task and explaining the environment to Erica and keeping calm, from doing this we finished fairly quick.

Activity 3 – Balloon

As a team, we had to blow up a balloon. It was harder than you think. one of us could only use there mouth, one uses their left hand and the other uses their right.

First we discussed, who was best for each job, Bailey was left handed so naturally he became the “left hand”, William volunteered to be the “mouth” and so i was the “right hand”. We instantly started throwing ideas down to find the fastest and most efficient way to complete the task. our first thought was to stretch the balloon to make it easier on William, Our next strategy  was to fill it with water, however that sadly wasn’t allowed : (. I think our group gave it a really good go at this activity, because we came so close to winning and we all kept calm and communicated throughout the whole exercise.

I couldn’t find any problems within our group so far, we all said our ideas, respected one another and communicated very well.(it did help that me,William and Erica are in a DES501 group however). I feel we will be able to complete this Assessment to the best that we can do.

I wonder what activity 4 on Friday has install for us!



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