Understanding Agile

Today, we meet Ollie who works in the marketing department at NMIT. He discussed with us about what agile is and went in depth on the process of this software development life cycle, I didn’t quite understand all of what he had to say but it was very interesting to hear someones life experiences in design.

3 Minute Challenge about  a user story using google

  1. As a User
  2. I want to search keywords
  3. So that i can find results

Here are some of key terminology that Ollie explained:

Story sizing: assessing the project with your group to find how big the job is. This creates a grounds so that everyone in the group understands the project

Spike: Doing research about the project, to see if your team can accomplish the task

Why does agile sometimes have a poor reputation?

  • it requires education and training
  • a lot of money and resourcing
  • constant communication
  • it goes against traditional structures and government funding
  • Everyone needs to be talented and good at what they do
  • there can be a lot of broken code
  • sometimes takes longer


finally, he talked to us about “Context Writing” and why it is important, not just to improve design but communication, which is needed for all the boring meetings we will have in the future

(What, Why, How use these)



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