Here’s something different!

This part of my blog will have nothing to do with NMIT studies. This is where i will post, designs, IT related events in my life or just interesting things that happen, so enjoy!


This week, i had the pleasure of designing a very unique ring, which i always enjoy because it adds a personal story to that ring and i’m helping that persons story come true. There is always a down side to this though, as these clients like to change their mind quite a lot.

*I forgot to take a photo of the planning, so i may update this blog with it*

So here it is!

Celtic 2

So the client wanted a Celtic inspired ring with an Oval “Tanzanite” with a  brilliance diamond on each side. I created two designs, one with the Celtic trinity knot closer to the center and the other has Celtic trinity knot holding up the setting.

Celtic 1

Hope they like it!

Jewellery words and meaning:

Brilliance – Term name for a round gemstone(the most common one!)

Setting – A setting is the top area of the ring, where the gemstones are usually placed

Tanzanite – A blue/purple gemstone


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