Assessment 2 Reflection #3

Today, our group meet up to discuss our workflow and what was needed to be done. Sadly Erica couldn’t make it as she was busy and William couldn’t stay for long.(We created topic comments on our documents for them to read).

We discussed what documents are needed to be finished and had a look into the design process of sitemaps and etc(the fun stuff!)

Client persona

We discussed and identified some types of people who would use the website, but why would we need this? well to get an understanding of our demographic and from there, we can design and change to cater the customers needs and create recurring and active user base.


I researched information about a sitemap and messed around in google drawings


and lastly, we added more stakeholders, so far we have:

  • Liz and Belma
  • Game developers
  • customers
  • testers

I feel like our team has come along way in these few weeks and we are creating a nice waterfall working structure.


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