Assessment 2 Reflections #1

In COM502, we discussed, how and why an effective meeting comes about.Erica, William, Bailey and I spit fired a bunch of ideas then discussed why they are useful to make a effective team are some highlights:

Environment – Where the location of the meeting is being held, a good location depends on the type of meeting, if its formal or informal, also a place without heavy distractions

Clear topic / Agenda – This helps keep the meeting on track and focused on what is needed to be done.



This was a fun exercise, as I noticed how each of us think differently and have unique views on the topic, which is great to see that we all have an input on the subject and all perspectives are being heard.

Team Meeting #1

We also started our first recorded meeting today, it was interesting to how we all thought on the idea of recording. Our first meeting was just so we could all learn more about each other, what we like and why we chose IT, we then finished up with sorting out when is the best times for us all to meet. I felt that we were all very nervous about the idea of being recorded, but that is expected for our first time. I personally, have a long way to improving my communication skills, from watching the video, i did fidget with my hands a lot. however, i think we can do this




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