Assessment 2 Reflection #4

Today, Our team meet to make sure we understood whats next to complete our assessment, which is creating databases. We semi-understood what a database is so hopefully it will be covered in Thursdays class.

We went through and reviewed what we have currently/almost completed:

  • Stakeholder analysis – all finished and we have multiply stakeholders
    • Belma and liz
    • Developers
    • Customers
    • Testers
    • Competitors
  • Client Persona – We currently have two completed persona’s
    • Male – Student
    • Female – Developer
  • Website questionnaire – All finished!

Now we will be starting to research what a good Database is and implementing it for our Design.


One thought on “DES501

  1. Just playing devils advocate here – what about male developers? What about female gamers – those that want to purchase the game? Persona’s can be done for them also. You do not have to.. but it is something to think about


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