Team Meeting #2

Our second team meeting went really well! we were able to find a better classroom environment, so the team could all hear each other better and we were all eye level to one another.

We discussed about how we all wanted our team structure to be like. Bailey suggested that each meeting will have a different leader,we all thought it was a great idea, this helps show off each of our communication skills. I personally think this is a great idea for our group, as we are all still a bit quite and this will help us all open up and get the top marks! (and the pizza, hopefully)

We then recapped, what we talked about in class from last week and further analysed the problems the clients are having.

  1. Time Zones and Geographical location are less than ideal
  2. Meetings being organised, not being adhered to/canceled
  3. Communications Software being used is lacking

we still haven’t found a perfect solutions at this time, but we definitely have some ideas

we finally wrapped it up with, when should our next meeting should be, and because of holidays and bailey’s changing work roster, we chose to find a time later on, but keep communicating through our Facebook chat




One thought on “COM502

  1. This looks like a good progress. Your team is already showing the signs of an ‘Agile’ team, with each member taking turns at sharing the responsibility of a leader. The issues you’ve identified are highly relevant. See how many solutions you and your team can brainstorm at the next meeting. Keep in mind, you can have virtual meetings during the break 🙂


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