Meetings #3 and #4

Over the holidays, our team met up in Richmond twice, William was super amazing by finding and booking us a conference room at the local Richmond Library (I think he deserves the pizza just from that!)

19th April 2017

From our first meeting of the holidays, We looked over what we have done over the week and well, not much was done because of the Easter weekend, but who can blame us, it was good to have a relaxing weekend for once ( :

We then went on to talk about the Team report and we assigned our three main topics to people.


  • Time Zones and Geographical location are less than ideal – William took this one as he knows the most about time zones, location and all that stuff.


  • Meetings being organised, not being adhered to/canceled – Erica offered to take this topic.


  • Communications Software being used is lacking – Bailey took this topic as he had already started researching new and better software for OnPoint to use.


  • Team Meeting Reflections¬†– well, we only had three discussions, so took over the reflections and also took over most of the work for DES501 so they could focus on COM502(Erica, William and I are all in a DES501 Team as well).


the overall meeting was short, as there was not much to discuss. Hopefully next week, we have more to talk about and more stuff for me to do!

26 April 2017

This weeks meeting was very productive! Again we talked about our week and what we have done.

Everyone had finished their topics and written around 200+ words each! we then went in to detail about each of our findings and gave input to improve everyone’s work. After that, we started to just brief brainstorm recommendations and conclusions.

The overall meeting was great! we are really coming along, starting to open up and really work as a team! We also found using a whiteboard to visualize the meeting’s structure and topics, was very useful and we kept on track and there was less awkward pauses. However, next time we should write it bigger, as the camera couldn’t really pick up what everything said. Maybe we should put that as one of the recommendations???


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