Cover letter Practice # 1

Here is the job application for Systems Administrator for University of Otago

Deja Calab Ballard
Nelson Marlborough institute of technology, BIT Student
123 Queen Street

30th May 2017

Cathy Bennett
Head Technician, Chemistry department
University of Otago
362 Leith Street


Mrs. Bennett,


Systems Administrator – Job Application


I am writing to apply for the above job title at university of otago, as advertised on Trademe.


Currently, as of 2017 I am working towards finishing my first year of a bachelor of IT degree at Nelson Marlborough Institute of technology. My duties as a NMIT student include Hardware and software installations, problem solving, networking, database entry, web design and programming. I work great with teams and easy to communicate with as shown by my teams markings, which come back 90%+.

Previous to studying at NMIT, i worked as a Computer-Assisted Designer at a jewellery company, which enabled me to develop excellent problem solving,time management and customer service skills. I am now looking to further challenge and widen my skills.

In addition to my application, I have attached some samples of my work, and a copy of my C.V. for you to look through and we can discuss at a later date.Thank you for considering my application and i look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Deja Ballard

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

022 123 1234
03 544 1234


COM 502

Blog Post #4 Practice #2

Case Study One:

Here is the link to the MC Enterprises case study from 2012.

People in this Scenario

  • Paul – Employee (Spreads rumors – Passive Aggressive)
  • Amanda – Employee (Shy, doesn’t confront problems – Passive)
  • Ravi – Employee (anger issues – Aggressive)
  • Alan – Team Leader (Demanding, ask others to do his work for him)
  • Harry – Manager of Marketing
  • Gillian – General Manager (Tough but Fair)

What is the problem?

well, Alan sometimes has to leave early from work because of his sick wife and small children, the team of Paul,Amanda and ravi feel like Alan is taking advantage of this and always leaves early, forcing them to do his work for him. the team is all reacting to this situation differently, Paul is spreading rumors about Alan, in hopes of him getting fired/caught, Amanda doesn’t like confronting problems and is “bottling up” everything, this is also causing problems at home, and Ravi is very aggressive and one Friday afternoon, he lost his cool and took his anger out on Alan then storms out. The overall company is having really bad communication issues and every department sticks to themselves.

As a team, Paul, Amanda and Ravi should firstly organize a meeting with Alan first, to explain how they are feeling as co-workers about the whole situation.however, as Amanda is already stressed out and closed of from everyone, she asked Paul to talk about her problems for her, and because of the recent situation between Ravi and Alan, its best that he stays calm.From all this, Paul would be the best person to represent them and would explain to Alan:

Paul ” Alan, you have been having to run off early most afternoons and leaving all the work to be finished by us and this is causing unwanted stress and anger on us in and outside of the workplace. Because of this, we think if we stay overtime, we should get Fridays or a day off work as we are still getting the same amount of work done and gives us time off to be less overwhelmed by stress and last weeks incident hopefully would’t happen again.”

From this example, Paul, is staying calm; describing and expressing their feelings about the whole situation; not accusing Alan and hopefully Alan is respecting them and actively listening to what they have to say.

Alan ” I am sorry about having to leave work early most days, as you know, my wife has been in and out of hospital, so i have been having to look after my kid.I didn’t know how this has been affecting you all and I completely understand how you are feeling. I love that idea and I will talk to Gillian about it straight after this and we can hopefully get that sorted. once again, i’m really sorry about the whole situation and if we can’t sort out having the days off, i will try sort out a babysitter/childcare, so i can minimize the how many days i have to leave early, could even be able to stay later to do more of the work load. what do you all think?

From Alan’s reply, he is showing that he listened to everything they had to say, understood and empathized with his co-workers and with his reply, he explained the facts on why he has been having to leave early, acknowledge and approve of their ideals to come to an equal agreement, and if they aren’t possible, offered another solution. finally overall, a understood where he went wrong and faced up to it by apologizing

However, lets say the situation didn’t get solved their, what should Paul,Amanda and ravi do? they should report to a Harry, explaining that they tried to come to an agreement with Alan, but they are now needing help from Gillian

By talking, expression their feelings and wants, by the end, hopefully they all come to some sort of mutual agreement, so everyone is happy with.

Please give me any sort of feedback on how i did, would love to hear how i can improve my writing.

(i’m not the best at putting thoughts to paper….well keyboard)



1. How does IPCONFIG function?

When IPCONFIG is entered into the computers command prompt, This will display all of the TCP/IP Network configurations for that computer. This will give you information about your Ethernet adapter; wireless LAN adapter(local); Wireless LAN adapter(Wi-Fi) and your tunnel adapter.

The information you would normally find here is:

  • DNS Suffix
  • IPv4 Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway

2. Demonstrate 

First you will need to open the command prompt, this can be done by searching under the start menu “cmd” (if possible run as administrator as it gives back more information). After that, enter in IPCONFIG and you should get something like this.



1.How Does Traceroute function

Traceroute, as the name suggests, you are tracing/following the route/path of packets(data) from your computer to its destination. The packets are sent from router to router, and the traceroute command gives the user information on the packets journey.

This information includes:

  • The amount of different routers it had to take
  • The routers name, URL and IP address
  • The time delay between each router

Great video that explains how does Traceroute works

2. Demonstrate 

Same with IPCONFIG, open up the command prompt and from here, enter in “Tracert” and the location you want to track, for my example i used google.



1.How does Ping function?

The ping command is normally used to check networking errors/connectivity, This is done by sending an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to the target host or address. This is done by it measuring the time it took for the message to be sent from the host to the destination and back. with this, if nothing comes back, it is an networking error.

2. Demonstrate 

Same as before, once command prompt has been opened, type in “ping” and your website or IP Address. again i used Google for my example


Decimal and Binary

A) Change the following IPv4 addresses from binary notation to dotted-decimal nation.

1. 10000001             00001011             00001011             11101111

2. 11000001             10000011             00011011             11111111

3.11100111             11011011             10001011             01101111

4.11111001             10011011             11111011             00001111

B.Change the following IPv4 addresses from dotted-decimal notation to binary notation.

01101111 00111000 00101101 01001 01001110

11011101 00100010 01010010

11110001 00001000 00111000 00001100

01001011 00101101 00100010 01001110

C.Find the error, if any, in the following IPv4 addresses:

There is a unnecessary 0 in 045


IPv4 addresses can only go up to 255.


This is a mix of both binary and decimal. 

COM 502

Blog Post #4

Today in class we have a practice at going through a case study for assessment 3. this case study is about I.T’s A Deal! and in groups we all came up with answers for the questions 1 – 5.

People in the Scenario:

Mike –  Owner

Maria – Owner, Website manager

Kahu – Salesmen

Briar – IT specialist

Barry –  Salesmen

Pat – Office Manager


1.List your goals for a solution


  1. Resolve conflict
  2. Keep Mike and Maria happy with business running automatically
  3. Profit
  4. staff goals
  5. Listen to the reasoning’s behind everyone’s issues
  6. Review the current work structure
  7. Create a system for company based ideas

2.What are the issues?

  1. Employees are do major changers to the company without consulting the owners
  2. Mike and Maria like to keep it old fashion and want to stay away from social media or a new supplier
  3. Kahu and barry create social media without consulting the owners and now represent the company on the internet
  4. Barry is angry that he is ignored and won’t be listened to with adopting a new supplier with better deals and profit
  5. Mike and Maria are ignoring these problems
  6. Kahu made a Bad tweet about a rival company, which has gone viral and has drawn bad and positive attention

3. Identify everyone’s needs and wants

  1. Kahu and brain are wanting social networking to improve profits
  2. Barry is wanting to change suppliers to also improve profits
  3. Maria wants to stay the same as it suits her
  4. Mike and Maria wants to keep loyal to their current suppliers
  5. Pat’s concerned for the company’s well being and

4. Identify the main options for approaching the situation

  1. Talk to them separately
  2. Talk to them together
  3. Give them opportunity to speak up and offer their ideas
  4. Bring in an outside person to create an neutral opinion

5. What will you need to remember about your communication skills while conducting the meeting?

  1. empathize about their side of the story
  2. Don’t get angry at the staff
  3. Don’t force your ideals on the staff

6. How will you manage Barry, who is apt to get angry?

  1. give him the time to explain why he is angry
  2. ask him why he may be feeling this way
  3. if possible, take action on resolving the issue
  4. follow up with Barry, show him you are here to help him with his issues

7. How will you achieve an effective close to the meeting?

  1. Make sure everyone has come to an agreement on all of the subjects
  2. let all employee’s know in writing the changes that will be happening

COM 502

What YOU need to remember to pass assessment 3

In class today, we went through and revised all the key points that is needed to be used and talked about in assessment 3


  1. Receive
  2. Understand
  3. Remember
  4. Evaluate
  5. Respond


  1. Attention
  2. Face expression
  3. Eye contact
  4. Body language
  5. Open minded


  1. Closed Questions – Short replies/one answer/ What? When?
  2. Open Questions – long replies/ multiply answers/why?
  3. Clarifying
  4. Purpose

Assertiveness skills

  1. Facts
  2. Feelings
  3. Focus
  4. Feed Back

Make the outcome a win-win for both people

Being able to say “No” under pressure

  1. Describe
  2. Express
  3. Specify
  4. Consequences

Negotiation Skills

Focus on interest not position

  1. Preparation
  2. Discussion
  3. Proposal and bargaining
  4. closing the deal

1.How do you prepare?

  1. What do you want/need?
  2. What are you willing to give up?
  3. When should you ask?
  4. What is your B.A.T.N.A. (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)
  5. What are your sources of power?

Sources of power?

  1. Persistence
  2. Competition
  3. Expertise and information
  4. Position or legitimacy
  5. Sanctions
  6. Referent
  7. Relationship
  8. Attitude
  9. Time

2.How to start a Discussion

  1. Open up a Discussion
  2. Find out what what the other party wants/needs
  3. Be positive and assertive
  4. Use a range of questions
  5. Listen for point of leverage
  6. Identify points of conflict or difference

3. How to propose or bargain

  1. Make and receive offers
  2. Adjust offers
  3. Use IF,Then questions
  4. Never interrupt or instantly reject

4.Closing the deal

  1. Agree on what has been settled
  2. Make minor concessions
  3. Split the difference if close
  4. Get it in writing if possible


Assessment 3 Reflection #2

Today, our group started to research what the aspects of UI and UX are:

User Experience:

Utility – Relates to how it may be used and the appropriateness and advantage in doing so

Accessibility – A system is only useful if it is accessibility to the user when and where it may be needed. the concept of accessibility: making the system useable for everyone

Usability – The ease in which people can employ a particular tool to achieve a particular

Perceived Value – a system represents the benefit that a user expects to get from using it. it varies from user to user and task to task.

Efficiency – User who can complete their tasks more quickly and across fewer touch points. People care about time they put into something especially when they view their time as wasted. every step between the user and the system should happen in the fewest steps possible

User interface:

Consistency – having the same layout, tone and approach across the whole website, so users can’t become lost/confused and then leave.

Feedback – having good feedback responses to interact with the users. for example, when the user hovers over a button, it could enlarge, move, change color, this gives user feedback on if it’s a button or just text.

Predictability – to provide the user with a sense of where they are: with clear headers;  Clear navigation of links,buttons

Learnabilty – creating a website, that is easy to learn and remember, will create a returning userbase.

Percievabilty – couldn’t find much about this one.


William started creating  a mock up of a wire-frame for the website using Axure:


WireFrame 2


I had a look around in Axure, with animations and creating positive feedback from the user:


(These animations are nowhere near complete)

The Top tabs, when hovered over, will drop down a bit.

The game slideshow, will slide depending on what way you click and will be on repeat



DES 501

Activity 6.1

What is an Interface Element?

Interface Element’s are user based interactions with the site, this can include:

  • Input controls – buttons and text fields
  • Navigation controls – breadcrumb links and search bars
  • Information controls – help boxes and notifications

Over the years of websites and website design, almost all if not most of the interface elements have an affordance attached to them, so within UI Design it is a must to follow these affordances’ associated with each interface element. Here is an example of multiply elements being used in one form.

TradeMe Register Form:


6.1 elements

How many can you see in this form?

Before we dive into the details on the different interface elements and what they do, how many can you spot on the TradeMe register form? (let’s keep it simple and only look for User Input Controls)


Got your answer? let’s go through what elements there are!


1. Text Fields

6.1 Text fields

This allows the user to into text into these boxes. In this example the user would be enter:

  • Email –
  • Password – Password123
  • Username – Name1998

2. Radio Button

6.1 Radio button.PNG

This allows the user to select ONLY ONE of the options shown. This is asking if the user is male or female

3. Dropdown List

6.1 Dropbox

This one allows the user to select one of the multiply answers provided by the website. this is asking the users birth date, another example:

  • First Dropdown list – Days: 1-31
  • Second Dropdown list – Months: January – December

4. Check Boxes

6.1 Checkbox.PNG

This allows the user to select one or more options provided by the website. this example is asking: if the user is over 18 and has read the T & C to check this box.

5. Button

6.1 Button.PNG

Here is the last one, a button, which allows the user to continue to the next part of the website

Here is some more details information about all the different interface elements


Example of an User Interface typography hierarchy


well what is typography hierarchy?

This is when the UI designer uses different fonts, font sizes, colors, italics, bold, and etc to catch the users attention in the correct order.


Hierarchy Photo

Example:Stuff Homepage

6.1 typo.PNG

What is the FIRST thing you seen when looking at this picture? it was either the “Fired for 310k payout” or “CON-DIMENT” headings, this is because they have the BIGGEST font size; they are located at the top; they have Bold Formatting and they also are a different color to the information. almost every news website uses typography hierarchy so users can easily find the different news articles with big bold headers, then a small sentence about the article to intrigue the users more into clicking.




DES 501

Activity 5.1

From the Smashing Magazine article What is User Experience

What are four challenges you see when incorporating experience design when building a system?

Money –

The main problem you can run into is money; not every company that’s wanting a website has the expenses to pay for a UX designer, web programmer, UI designer, and so on. So sometimes company thinks they can go without a UX specialist.

Complications –

Depending on the size of the team working on the website, adding in a UX professional can complicate things and increases the time frame of the clients project. This can throw off the clients interest in a UX designers.

Experience –  

A few people in the website industry say UX designers are useless because they have no real experience in creating the actual product.

Accuracy –

Because a UX designer deals with the user’s feelings and emotions when using the website and tailoring and reporting the feedback to the programmers, however finding this information can be hard and not always correct/effective.




CSA 502

This week in CSA, We had to set up and clone a hard drive onto another harddrive.

so first things first, installing the new SSD into the computer and of course the SSD had no OS on it, so time to install Windows!

installing vista

while we waited, we researched a simple and effective cloning/image software, we went with EaseUs

First hard drive clone

All set up! time to add the second SSD to the computer

Cloning in process

Almost done!

Cloning complete

There we go! now for the next step of the practical, which is disabling 3 start up functions that the computer automatically does opon start up.

we choose:

Windows Audio

Start up disable 1

Windows Firewall

Start up disable 2

Windows Web Client

Start up disable 3

Now for the final part of today’s lesson, which is disabling windows auto updater through group policy editor, this can only be done with a OS higher than Home edition so after finding a new SSD and installing Windows 8.1 Enterprise (Again). We were able to complete this task!


auto updater.jpg

update timer

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