Cover letter Practice # 1 Here is the job application for Systems Administrator for University of Otago Deja Calab Ballard Nelson Marlborough institute of technology, BIT Student 123 Queen Street Nelson 30th May 2017 Cathy Bennett Head Technician, Chemistry department University of Otago 362 Leith Street Dunedin   Mrs. Bennett,   Systems Administrator - Job Application [...]


COM 502

Blog Post #4 Practice #2 Case Study One: Here is the link to the MC Enterprises case study from 2012. People in this Scenario Paul - Employee (Spreads rumors - Passive Aggressive) Amanda - Employee (Shy, doesn't confront problems - Passive) Ravi - Employee (anger issues - Aggressive) Alan - Team Leader (Demanding, ask others to do his [...]


IPCONFIG 1. How does IPCONFIG function? When IPCONFIG is entered into the computers command prompt, This will display all of the TCP/IP Network configurations for that computer. This will give you information about your Ethernet adapter; wireless LAN adapter(local); Wireless LAN adapter(Wi-Fi) and your tunnel adapter. The information you would normally find here is: DNS [...]

COM 502

Blog Post #4 Today in class we have a practice at going through a case study for assessment 3. this case study is about I.T's A Deal! and in groups we all came up with answers for the questions 1 - 5. People in the Scenario: Mike -  Owner Maria - Owner, Website manager Kahu - Salesmen [...]

COM 502

What YOU need to remember to pass assessment 3 In class today, we went through and revised all the key points that is needed to be used and talked about in assessment 3 Listening Receive Understand Remember Evaluate Respond   Attention Face expression Eye contact Body language Open minded Questioning Closed Questions - Short replies/one [...]


Assessment 3 Reflection #2 Today, our group started to research what the aspects of UI and UX are: User Experience: Utility - Relates to how it may be used and the appropriateness and advantage in doing so Accessibility - A system is only useful if it is accessibility to the user when and where it [...]

DES 501

Activity 6.1 What is an Interface Element? Interface Element's are user based interactions with the site, this can include: Input controls - buttons and text fields Navigation controls - breadcrumb links and search bars Information controls - help boxes and notifications Over the years of websites and website design, almost all if not most of the interface elements [...]