DES 501

Assessment 2 Reflections #5

Our team “Silver Stream” which included Erica, Ryan, William and I. We have officially finished everything with the design process for our current website project ” Crescent “, which is a brand new store to purchase games to compete with the current leaders Steam, however with a twist, it is hugely focused on community and sharing, this makes it unique and will become the “Facebook of the gaming world!”, hopefully the client enjoys our report and that we get accepted to start prototyping the final product.

I personally think as a team, we really came together with this project and did the best that we could with all our different skills and interests. We all had different views and perspectives on the project, which meant we all had something to contribute and say on the topic we where doing at the time.

I think our team did really well because, at the beginning of this assessment, we all didn’t know that much about design and didn’t know what to do. But from our researching, sharing all our findings with each other and us all working together online (and of course from the lessons from the best tutors at NMIT), we got a lot of work done!

Another reason i think we all worked together really well, is because we all more of the “quieter” students, so none of us was fighting to be a leader/powerful and force opinions on others. Our team was very horizontal/flat organisation structure and we all listened to each other and gave informative feedback.

From all of the things we had to research for this assessment, I found out i really like databases because I am more of a visual learner and compiling all the websites different entities and information about them into a visual form was really interesting for me!

Even if we don’t get the 85% pizza’s, I may have to shout them some myself because they all did an amazing job! I feel really confident and excited to start making the design become a reality with assessment 3!



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