COM 502

Blog Post #3

PART 1 – Efficiency and effectiveness of my team

My team is called Orange Team and it consists of myself, Bailey, Erica, and William.

Well firstly, what types of teams are there?(This is based on small 4 person teams, these definitions would change depending on the size,purpose and relation of the team)


Bad Teams – 

There are lots of reasons a team can become a bad one, most of it is from everyone’s personalities and sometimes those personalities clash and create debating till one person is correct instead of discussing and sharing thoughts. This can lead to a forced leadership and from there, it can go down hill, no common goals are established, no plans to communicate and review the project and to be honest i would call them a group of people not a team.

Good Teams – 

A good team is light years ahead of a bad team, good teams can get the work done and plan goals and communicate. maybe its not the most efficient team out there, but the project is done to a minimal viable product.

Great Teams – 

This is the dream team! everyone understands/supports negative feedback and each other,everyone is unique and has there own say, the team works together not individually then mash it into one thing at the end. The team communicates with enthusiasm and love for the project as they all have the same common goal and vision of the project.

So from this, What type of team is “Team Orange” and why?

For me personally, we are somewhere in between good and great, but definitely more skewed towards a good team. So why do i think this? well we are all working well when we are together and we haven’t had any conflicts of personalities or for power over the group. we are all like minded,quite and open to ideas, however even though we all are working really hard, we aren’t working together, its more of compiling all our work at each meeting to let everyone know what is happening. This isn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, we just found this process the best for us and our working habits. We still have room for improvement, which will come in time.

PART 2 – How is it important to have an effective team in my:

COM 502 Class – 

it is very important to have an effective team in class, because we all here for the same reason/goal/end product which is passing the year. So we all share something in common,So with an effective and efficient team, the team can easily distribute the work out evenly, have meetings, give positive and negative feedback to improve the project. This is also good practice for when we are in the real business world of IT

Overall Degree Program  – 

Even more important, because i will be working with my peers for the next three years and having good communication with them will make future projects easier to do and have less negative conflicts. this mainly reflections the description of COM 502 Class.

Future Employment

It is extremely important because you will be dealing with real scenario’s and if you can’t effectively work as a team, the project will fail, which can ruin your employment or even the whole company!

Just a bit of research to help me ; )

Bad Team Work

Good team work vs bad team work




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