DES 501

User experience

Today, Olly came in again to talk to us about user experience and the processes of creating a successful website

Client: Brillliant Bungy – Bungy jumping company located at the top of the south island NZ

Who are the audiences for a Brilliant Bungy?

  • Tourists
  • Travel agenceys
  • Youth
  • Locals on holiday
  • Sponsors
  • Partnered businesses(equipment,Accommodation, etc)

Customer Journey Map:                                                                                                           visualization of a customers’ needs, feelings, barriers and objectives throughout the path.

What are the primary customer needs for Brilliant Bungy?

  • Safety
  • Entertainment
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Value
  • Opening Hours
  • Customer service
  • Minimum and maximum requirements(Age,Weight, Height,etc)
  • Extra Faculties

Information Architecture:                                                                                                Structuring information and content to support way-finding, discovery search and an overall pleasing user experience. “Creating order from chaos”

Draw the Top Level IA for Brilliant Bungy

Untitled drawing

Basic Wire Frame for Brilliant Bungy

Untitled drawing

What content could Brilliant Bungy use to engage customers?

  • Deals
  • Customer Reviews
  • Exciting Photos
  • Famous Personalities



UX: research, information, wire frames

UI:visuals, colors, Layout, Graphics


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