CSA 502

This week in CSA, We had to set up and clone a hard drive onto another harddrive.

so first things first, installing the new SSD into the computer and of course the SSD had no OS on it, so time to install Windows!

installing vista

while we waited, we researched a simple and effective cloning/image software, we went with EaseUs

First hard drive clone

All set up! time to add the second SSD to the computer

Cloning in process

Almost done!

Cloning complete

There we go! now for the next step of the practical, which is disabling 3 start up functions that the computer automatically does opon start up.

we choose:

Windows Audio

Start up disable 1

Windows Firewall

Start up disable 2

Windows Web Client

Start up disable 3

Now for the final part of today’s lesson, which is disabling windows auto updater through group policy editor, this can only be done with a OS higher than Home edition so after finding a new SSD and installing Windows 8.1 Enterprise (Again). We were able to complete this task!


auto updater.jpg

update timer


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