DES 501

Assessment 3 Reflection #1

Today we started talking about Assessment 3 and reviewing the marking schedule. Here are some ideas the class made on what we think User Experience[UX] and User Interface[UI] is:

User Experience

  • Search engine optimization / Findabilty
  • Easy to use
  • Organised
  • Intuitive
  • User friendly
  • Responsive
  • Accessibility
  • Customer journey
  • Wire frame
  • Sitemap


User Interface

  • Colour schemes
  • Aesthetically
  • Buttons
  • Navigation
  • Founts
  • Symmetry
  • Breadcrumb links
  • Whitespace
  • Usability


We also did some very minimal research on some UI design software that we could use:



this is my personal favorite because of the features shown, they are exactly what we are wanting for this project. Main reason we are thinking about going with Axure, is because it has online collaboration and that fits our team working structure PERFECTLY. The only down side, is we have to go through an application process to get an student edition, which i am waiting to hear back from (Finger’s crossed!)



This one was suggested from the Moodle topic 5 page. I don’t personally like this one, just because it doesn’t offer enough information on what the software offers and how it functions, however if we don’t get access to axure, we will have to deal with this : ) has an amazing and in depth course about User Experience and if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, go watch it! its really worth it and gives you heaps of information (Found on Moodle under Topic 5:User Experience or Here is the Lynda link)

5 Second Test:

Find people who meet your target demographic and show them the home page for five seconds, then ask them the following:

  1. What do you remember about this page?
  2. What is this site about?

Then compare them to your intentions? do these meet your requirements or what we want the website to be about? if not change it. We will definitely use this method when we start the UI process of this assessment. (Online five second test)

I am really pumped for this assessment, its finally the interesting part of all the research me and my team has done. can’t wait to see the final prototype!



It’s faster to hit larger targets closer to you than smaller targets farther from you – Fitts’s Law




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