DES 501

Activity 5.1

From the Smashing Magazine article What is User Experience

What are four challenges you see when incorporating experience design when building a system?

Money –

The main problem you can run into is money; not every company that’s wanting a website has the expenses to pay for a UX designer, web programmer, UI designer, and so on. So sometimes company thinks they can go without a UX specialist.

Complications –

Depending on the size of the team working on the website, adding in a UX professional can complicate things and increases the time frame of the clients project. This can throw off the clients interest in a UX designers.

Experience –  

A few people in the website industry say UX designers are useless because they have no real experience in creating the actual product.

Accuracy –

Because a UX designer deals with the user’s feelings and emotions when using the website and tailoring and reporting the feedback to the programmers, however finding this information can be hard and not always correct/effective.





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