Assessment 3 Reflection #2

Today, our group started to research what the aspects of UI and UX are:

User Experience:

Utility – Relates to how it may be used and the appropriateness and advantage in doing so

Accessibility – A system is only useful if it is accessibility to the user when and where it may be needed. the concept of accessibility: making the system useable for everyone

Usability – The ease in which people can employ a particular tool to achieve a particular

Perceived Value – a system represents the benefit that a user expects to get from using it. it varies from user to user and task to task.

Efficiency – User who can complete their tasks more quickly and across fewer touch points. People care about time they put into something especially when they view their time as wasted. every step between the user and the system should happen in the fewest steps possible

User interface:

Consistency – having the same layout, tone and approach across the whole website, so users can’t become lost/confused and then leave.

Feedback – having good feedback responses to interact with the users. for example, when the user hovers over a button, it could enlarge, move, change color, this gives user feedback on if it’s a button or just text.

Predictability – to provide the user with a sense of where they are: with clear headers;  Clear navigation of links,buttons

Learnabilty – creating a website, that is easy to learn and remember, will create a returning userbase.

Percievabilty – couldn’t find much about this one.


William started creating  a mock up of a wire-frame for the website using Axure:


WireFrame 2


I had a look around in Axure, with animations and creating positive feedback from the user:


(These animations are nowhere near complete)

The Top tabs, when hovered over, will drop down a bit.

The game slideshow, will slide depending on what way you click and will be on repeat




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