COM 502

Blog Post #4

Today in class we have a practice at going through a case study for assessment 3. this case study is about I.T’s A Deal! and in groups we all came up with answers for the questions 1 – 5.

People in the Scenario:

Mike –  Owner

Maria – Owner, Website manager

Kahu – Salesmen

Briar – IT specialist

Barry –  Salesmen

Pat – Office Manager


1.List your goals for a solution


  1. Resolve conflict
  2. Keep Mike and Maria happy with business running automatically
  3. Profit
  4. staff goals
  5. Listen to the reasoning’s behind everyone’s issues
  6. Review the current work structure
  7. Create a system for company based ideas

2.What are the issues?

  1. Employees are do major changers to the company without consulting the owners
  2. Mike and Maria like to keep it old fashion and want to stay away from social media or a new supplier
  3. Kahu and barry create social media without consulting the owners and now represent the company on the internet
  4. Barry is angry that he is ignored and won’t be listened to with adopting a new supplier with better deals and profit
  5. Mike and Maria are ignoring these problems
  6. Kahu made a Bad tweet about a rival company, which has gone viral and has drawn bad and positive attention

3. Identify everyone’s needs and wants

  1. Kahu and brain are wanting social networking to improve profits
  2. Barry is wanting to change suppliers to also improve profits
  3. Maria wants to stay the same as it suits her
  4. Mike and Maria wants to keep loyal to their current suppliers
  5. Pat’s concerned for the company’s well being and

4. Identify the main options for approaching the situation

  1. Talk to them separately
  2. Talk to them together
  3. Give them opportunity to speak up and offer their ideas
  4. Bring in an outside person to create an neutral opinion

5. What will you need to remember about your communication skills while conducting the meeting?

  1. empathize about their side of the story
  2. Don’t get angry at the staff
  3. Don’t force your ideals on the staff

6. How will you manage Barry, who is apt to get angry?

  1. give him the time to explain why he is angry
  2. ask him why he may be feeling this way
  3. if possible, take action on resolving the issue
  4. follow up with Barry, show him you are here to help him with his issues

7. How will you achieve an effective close to the meeting?

  1. Make sure everyone has come to an agreement on all of the subjects
  2. let all employee’s know in writing the changes that will be happening

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