COM 502

Blog Post #4 Practice #2

Case Study One:

Here is the link to the MC Enterprises case study from 2012.

People in this Scenario

  • Paul – Employee (Spreads rumors – Passive Aggressive)
  • Amanda – Employee (Shy, doesn’t confront problems – Passive)
  • Ravi – Employee (anger issues – Aggressive)
  • Alan – Team Leader (Demanding, ask others to do his work for him)
  • Harry – Manager of Marketing
  • Gillian – General Manager (Tough but Fair)

What is the problem?

well, Alan sometimes has to leave early from work because of his sick wife and small children, the team of Paul,Amanda and ravi feel like Alan is taking advantage of this and always leaves early, forcing them to do his work for him. the team is all reacting to this situation differently, Paul is spreading rumors about Alan, in hopes of him getting fired/caught, Amanda doesn’t like confronting problems and is “bottling up” everything, this is also causing problems at home, and Ravi is very aggressive and one Friday afternoon, he lost his cool and took his anger out on Alan then storms out. The overall company is having really bad communication issues and every department sticks to themselves.

As a team, Paul, Amanda and Ravi should firstly organize a meeting with Alan first, to explain how they are feeling as co-workers about the whole situation.however, as Amanda is already stressed out and closed of from everyone, she asked Paul to talk about her problems for her, and because of the recent situation between Ravi and Alan, its best that he stays calm.From all this, Paul would be the best person to represent them and would explain to Alan:

Paul ” Alan, you have been having to run off early most afternoons and leaving all the work to be finished by us and this is causing unwanted stress and anger on us in and outside of the workplace. Because of this, we think if we stay overtime, we should get Fridays or a day off work as we are still getting the same amount of work done and gives us time off to be less overwhelmed by stress and last weeks incident hopefully would’t happen again.”

From this example, Paul, is staying calm; describing and expressing their feelings about the whole situation; not accusing Alan and hopefully Alan is respecting them and actively listening to what they have to say.

Alan ” I am sorry about having to leave work early most days, as you know, my wife has been in and out of hospital, so i have been having to look after my kid.I didn’t know how this has been affecting you all and I completely understand how you are feeling. I love that idea and I will talk to Gillian about it straight after this and we can hopefully get that sorted. once again, i’m really sorry about the whole situation and if we can’t sort out having the days off, i will try sort out a babysitter/childcare, so i can minimize the how many days i have to leave early, could even be able to stay later to do more of the work load. what do you all think?

From Alan’s reply, he is showing that he listened to everything they had to say, understood and empathized with his co-workers and with his reply, he explained the facts on why he has been having to leave early, acknowledge and approve of their ideals to come to an equal agreement, and if they aren’t possible, offered another solution. finally overall, a understood where he went wrong and faced up to it by apologizing

However, lets say the situation didn’t get solved their, what should Paul,Amanda and ravi do? they should report to a Harry, explaining that they tried to come to an agreement with Alan, but they are now needing help from Gillian

By talking, expression their feelings and wants, by the end, hopefully they all come to some sort of mutual agreement, so everyone is happy with.

Please give me any sort of feedback on how i did, would love to hear how i can improve my writing.

(i’m not the best at putting thoughts to paper….well keyboard)


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