1. How does IPCONFIG function?

When IPCONFIG is entered into the computers command prompt, This will display all of the TCP/IP Network configurations for that computer. This will give you information about your Ethernet adapter; wireless LAN adapter(local); Wireless LAN adapter(Wi-Fi) and your tunnel adapter.

The information you would normally find here is:

  • DNS Suffix
  • IPv4 Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway

2. Demonstrate 

First you will need to open the command prompt, this can be done by searching under the start menu “cmd” (if possible run as administrator as it gives back more information). After that, enter in IPCONFIG and you should get something like this.



1.How Does Traceroute function

Traceroute, as the name suggests, you are tracing/following the route/path of packets(data) from your computer to its destination. The packets are sent from router to router, and the traceroute command gives the user information on the packets journey.

This information includes:

  • The amount of different routers it had to take
  • The routers name, URL and IP address
  • The time delay between each router

Great video that explains how does Traceroute works

2. Demonstrate 

Same with IPCONFIG, open up the command prompt and from here, enter in “Tracert” and the location you want to track, for my example i used google.



1.How does Ping function?

The ping command is normally used to check networking errors/connectivity, This is done by sending an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to the target host or address. This is done by it measuring the time it took for the message to be sent from the host to the destination and back. with this, if nothing comes back, it is an networking error.

2. Demonstrate 

Same as before, once command prompt has been opened, type in “ping” and your website or IP Address. again i used Google for my example


Decimal and Binary

A) Change the following IPv4 addresses from binary notation to dotted-decimal nation.

1. 10000001             00001011             00001011             11101111

2. 11000001             10000011             00011011             11111111

3.11100111             11011011             10001011             01101111

4.11111001             10011011             11111011             00001111

B.Change the following IPv4 addresses from dotted-decimal notation to binary notation.

01101111 00111000 00101101 01001 01001110

11011101 00100010 01010010

11110001 00001000 00111000 00001100

01001011 00101101 00100010 01001110

C.Find the error, if any, in the following IPv4 addresses:

There is a unnecessary 0 in 045


IPv4 addresses can only go up to 255.


This is a mix of both binary and decimal. 


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