Cover letter Practice # 1

Here is the job application for Systems Administrator for University of Otago

Deja Calab Ballard
Nelson Marlborough institute of technology, BIT Student
123 Queen Street

30th May 2017

Cathy Bennett
Head Technician, Chemistry department
University of Otago
362 Leith Street


Mrs. Bennett,


Systems Administrator – Job Application


I am writing to apply for the above job title at university of otago, as advertised on Trademe.


Currently, as of 2017 I am working towards finishing my first year of a bachelor of IT degree at Nelson Marlborough Institute of technology. My duties as a NMIT student include Hardware and software installations, problem solving, networking, database entry, web design and programming. I work great with teams and easy to communicate with as shown by my teams markings, which come back 90%+.

Previous to studying at NMIT, i worked as a Computer-Assisted Designer at a jewellery company, which enabled me to develop excellent problem solving,time management and customer service skills. I am now looking to further challenge and widen my skills.

In addition to my application, I have attached some samples of my work, and a copy of my C.V. for you to look through and we can discuss at a later date.Thank you for considering my application and i look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Deja Ballard

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology

022 123 1234
03 544 1234


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