Assessment 3 Reflections # 4

(Yes this one is coming out before #3. 3 was meant to come out earlier this week, but i am doing some research/public experiment with the crescent website and currently waiting on replies, so hopefully will be posted later on today)

With UX and UI completed, now we will be starting on Web Design, which from research and content supplied from NMIT(moodle, Presentations). Web Design is described as the overall theme, navigation, categories, sitemap, Search Engine Optimization. so the first thing we did was started to research and  make a sitemap to get an understanding of web design, SEO‘s and “Crawling”.

site map part 1site map part 2

By looking at the site map, it shows the main navigational categories (Green) and links within these categories(Grey).But what is a site map for? It is mainly used for “Crawlers” and sometimes users to navigate the website and “Crawlers” is referring to the SEO searching and analyzing the website to determine the importance of the website based on the users “key words” when searching with a SEO.

May have to do a bit more research into what to document about Web Design, but have a fair understanding of it.





One thought on “DES501

  1. Nice Deja – SEO is a popularity contest in reality. The way the browsers run their algorithms – the webcrawlers (spiders) are looking for links and the more links that point at your site the more important your site is deemed to be and therefore the higher it will rank on the search results.

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