DES 501

Assessment 3 #3

This week, we reviewed what we have written on User Experience and User Interface and already at 10 pages! William and Erica had a combined what they have written for UX while i wrote up UI. For UI I went in depth into our main focus which was simplicity and using that as a talking point, described the main aspects of UI design. On top of that, i wanted to do something different and I showed our website to different types of demographics, however only for 5 seconds, as 5 seconds is more than enough to judge a website, from their answers i compared them to our intentions to see if what we have created followed our ideals.


  1. What do you remember about the site?
  2. What is the site about?
  3. how did you feel about the site
  4. would you use this site? or would you let your kids use this site?
  5. what did you think of the design?


  1. Their where video games
  2. Advertising video games
  3. intrigued
  4. Yes, i would be fine letting my kids use this as it did felt age appropriate
  5. It had clear intentions 


  1. I remember the name, colors and some of the the games on the screen.
  2. I feel like it is about games, animated movies/shows
  3. it feels and looks professional
  4. yes i would use it if i found more about it
  5. I think the overall design and colors are nice because they aren’t a hard to read off. the layout was simple and easy to understand


  1. Different games scrolling through a slide show. it was light blue with side navigation. couldn’t remember the name, it was Crescent wasn’t it?
  2. It looked like a store to sell games
  3. It looked modern, not busy. very clean
  4. Depending on what it does, was unsure
  5. Again, quite modern but should have a bigger name title as I didn’t remember it and I was unsure of its purpose



  1. Good, straightforward layout, aesthetically inviting/consumer-friendly
  2. “I’m guessing video games”
  3. Aesthetically pleasing,  not intimidating
  4. “Yeah”
  5. Professional, user-friendly, simple





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