Assessment 3 Reflection #5

All done! Our 20 page document on the website has been sent away to be marked, I feel really good about the overall experience with this assessment.We all did our best effort on the subject on top of juggling other classes.

If i had to do this assessment again, I would of liked to clearly show off our “community” aspect more in our presentation, as it was our main selling point to make us different from the other teams. The idea behind community was to create a “Facebook” styled hub for users to share their experience with others and in turn, creating sales from other’s wanting to replicate those experiences. From the survey of the 5 second test  and comparing it to our goals was a great way to see how we did for the user interface, however, if i had to do it again, i would possibly make the logo bigger and more defining so users will remember it, and I felt like it could of had something along the lines of a quote or sub heading to clearly address users that is a online game distribution store for example: “New Zealand’s #1 Game Store” .

(however, let William think of the quote as he is a better writer than me)


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