Keywords and Definitions from Initial understanding

  • Computers – an electronic device which is capable of sending and receiving information


  • Clients –  A client is software that (usually) connects to the server to perform actions. The client provide a user interface that allows users to carry out actions.


  • Servers – Is a computer system, which is used as the central repository of data and various programs that are shared by users in a network.


  • SwitchesSwitches are a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network  and identifies the computer with their MAC Address.


  • Routers – A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. typically used for sending and receiving packets from the internet.


  • Transmission Lines – transmission line is a pair of electrical conductors carrying an electrical signal from one place to another. Coaxial cable and twisted pair cable are examples.


  • Trunk lines – A communications cable between two switches.


  • Access Lines – An access network is a type of telecommunications network which connects subscribers to their immediate service provider.


  • Wireless Access Points – Is a networking hardware device that allows a Wi-Fi device to connect to a wired network.


  • LANs –  “Local Area Network” is a network that connects computers and other devices in a relatively small area, typically a single building or a group of buildings.


  • WANs – “Wide Area Network” is a network that spans a relatively large geographical area and consists of two or more interconnected local area networks.


  • Frames- is a digital data transmission unit in networking  and telecommunication within Switches.


  • Packets – A packet is the unit of data that is routed between an origin and a destination on the Internet through a Router.


  • Public IP addresses – public IP address is an IP address that can be accessed over the Internet


  • Private IP addresses – private IP address is a non-Internet facing IP address on an internal network(LAN). This is commonly used when trying to access your router/modem.

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