IPCONFIG 1. How does IPCONFIG function? When IPCONFIG is entered into the computers command prompt, This will display all of the TCP/IP Network configurations for that computer. This will give you information about your Ethernet adapter; wireless LAN adapter(local); Wireless LAN adapter(Wi-Fi) and your tunnel adapter. The information you would normally find here is: DNS... Continue Reading →


CSA 502

This week in CSA, We had to set up and clone a hard drive onto another harddrive. so first things first, installing the new SSD into the computer and of course the SSD had no OS on it, so time to install Windows! while we waited, we researched a simple and effective cloning/image software, we... Continue Reading →

Week #5

Sadly this week, was a bit of a blur for me because of personal reasons, However I should be back to more updates(i'm still new to this). So something interesting happened this week, i become something i never thought i would be, I "kind of became a team leader" for my assessment groups in COM502... Continue Reading →


This week I tried something different and i posted a daily reflection. however i didn't really like the flow of what i was writing and felt like it cluttered up the subjects so, i am going to be changing it back to just once at the end of the week. i will be mainly focuses... Continue Reading →

Week#4 Wednesday

for today, i had a practical in CSA502, and we reset a computer, set up partitions which means, splitting up the hard drive. The common purpose of having partitions, is if you want to back up your computer or if you want multiply operation systems.We set up a 10gb partition, so we could install windows... Continue Reading →

Week#4 Monday

Monday started with SDV503 with Craig and he explained what TRY statements were and the differences in "Public" and "Dim" variables. Public is a variable that any form can call from while a Dim can only be called from its Private subs unless its at the top of the Form, then all of that form... Continue Reading →

Week #3

This week, our SDV503 class sorted out study groups and learnt a lot this week COM502 - we got to talk to students from Saudi Arabia who are studying air traffic control on Tuesday. we asked them some questions about culture differences between New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.Then on Friday, we learned more about how culture... Continue Reading →


Today in CSA502, we got put into groups, i was with Hayden and Arno then the tutor gave us a scenario of a client coming to us to fix their computer. our scenario was, the client was wanting anti-virus software installed onto their computer. Hayden explained to the client if they were wanting a free... Continue Reading →

Week #2

This week, i got up to alot of stuff! In SDV503, we learnt about IF and ElseIF statements and when to use which. We also shown how flow diagrams work and what all the symbols mean and i also created my first application which was an instructional app that explains how to make a sandwich.... Continue Reading →

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