IPCONFIG 1. How does IPCONFIG function? When IPCONFIG is entered into the computers command prompt, This will display all of the TCP/IP Network configurations for that computer. This will give you information about your Ethernet adapter; wireless LAN adapter(local); Wireless LAN adapter(Wi-Fi) and your tunnel adapter. The information you would normally find here is: DNS [...]


CSA 502

This week in CSA, We had to set up and clone a hard drive onto another harddrive. so first things first, installing the new SSD into the computer and of course the SSD had no OS on it, so time to install Windows! while we waited, we researched a simple and effective cloning/image software, we [...]

Week#4 Monday

Monday started with SDV503 with Craig and he explained what TRY statements were and the differences in "Public" and "Dim" variables. Public is a variable that any form can call from while a Dim can only be called from its Private subs unless its at the top of the Form, then all of that form [...]