Project #1 - Dice (March 2017) My first project with programming within Visual Basic, was to make a program to roll a die till it rolls a 6 and the user can decide how many sides the die has. This project taught me about: Random number generator Message boxes Buttons Interface After Clicking Go   [...]


Week #5

Sadly this week, was a bit of a blur for me because of personal reasons, However I should be back to more updates(i'm still new to this). So something interesting happened this week, i become something i never thought i would be, I "kind of became a team leader" for my assessment groups in COM502 [...]

Week#4 Monday

Monday started with SDV503 with Craig and he explained what TRY statements were and the differences in "Public" and "Dim" variables. Public is a variable that any form can call from while a Dim can only be called from its Private subs unless its at the top of the Form, then all of that form [...]