Week #5

Sadly this week, was a bit of a blur for me because of personal reasons, However I should be back to more updates(i'm still new to this). So something interesting happened this week, i become something i never thought i would be, I "kind of became a team leader" for my assessment groups in COM502... Continue Reading →



This week I tried something different and i posted a daily reflection. however i didn't really like the flow of what i was writing and felt like it cluttered up the subjects so, i am going to be changing it back to just once at the end of the week. i will be mainly focuses... Continue Reading →

Week#4 Thurday

SDV503- ¬†in this practical i learnt about the different types of loop coding there are, and also went over things we missed from last week.I am finding it easy and can understand what everything means, i cant wait to find out more. DES501-Finally, we started to get some useful details about what our clients wanted... Continue Reading →

Week#4 Wednesday

for today, i had a practical in CSA502, and we reset a computer, set up partitions which means, splitting up the hard drive. The common purpose of having partitions, is if you want to back up your computer or if you want multiply operation systems.We set up a 10gb partition, so we could install windows... Continue Reading →

Week#4 Tuesday

Gender Gap i only had one class today, it was COM502. we talked about Gender difference/ issues in the IT industry. we talked about the differences in thinking styles, opinions, work ethic, diversity. in groups we made up debateable questions about gender differences and how can these questions solve the gender balance. why is there... Continue Reading →

Week #3

This week, our SDV503 class sorted out study groups and learnt a lot this week COM502 - we got to talk to students from Saudi Arabia who are studying air traffic control on Tuesday. we asked them some questions¬†about culture differences between New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.Then on Friday, we learned more about how culture... Continue Reading →

Week #2

This week, i got up to alot of stuff! In SDV503, we learnt about IF and ElseIF statements and when to use which. We also shown how flow diagrams work and what all the symbols mean and i also created my first application which was an instructional app that explains how to make a sandwich.... Continue Reading →

Week #1

My first actual week at NMIT has been and gone and I am really enjoying all the subjects. In SDV503, Craig showed us the basics of Visual Studio and we made a little application called "DICE" which will roll a dice until it lands a 6 and tells how many times it took to complete... Continue Reading →

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