Welcome to my blog

My name is Deja Ballard, I am currently doing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology at NMIT (Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology) which i will be studying all things computers!

This semester I am doing:

DAT601 – Database Design and Administration

DAT602 – Database Application Development

NET603 – Practical Network Development

SDV601 – Software Development





First Year Results

Semester One

  •  Communications (COM502) – A+
  • Computer Systems Architecture (CSA502) – A+
  • Design (DES501) – A+
  • Software Development (SDV503) – A+

Semester Two

  • Networking Fundamentals (NET502) – A+
  • Database Concepts (DAT502) – A+
  • Internet Design Principles(WEB503) – A+
  • Introduction to System Analysts(SYD502) – A+